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a tribute for our granfathers

Toc De Gralla

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The restaurant “Toc de Gralla” is a tribute for our granfathers, travel around through the pyrenees with theyre cows, finding the best place for them according the season and cultivated the fields also with the season vegetables.

Inside theyre tipical bag called Sarró or Zurrón, they have The Gralla wich is a wood-wind instrument for playing music at the breaks, and the food, bread, cheese, sausages, hams and the wine boot, everything made it by themselves.

The house was decorated by them with what they have or was around, herbs, cobs of corn and wheat. We would like to make you feel you are in youre own “pairal House” the family house which pass from father to sons and grandchildrens. lets go back for a bit to the past to enjoy its enchantment and gastronomy.




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Address: Carrer Aribau 65 Barcelona 08011 Catalunya


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